WDS Has a combined Marketing and Sales experience of over 40 successful years.
Our success has been contributed to:

  1. Great Customer Service
  2. High Standards of Integrity
  3. Involving less fortunate.
  4. WDS has put together programs where they are dedicated to helping the Homeless and less fortunate. The success in Production, Customer Service, Marketing and sales has come from the relationships they have built. The core value is that once a successful relationship is built it will stand the test of time. Relationships with Senators, House of Representatives, Homeowners as well as Fortune 500 companies have earned them the respect of their peers. These relationships are what made it possible to grow to over 30 cities with a majority of their projects. No Company no matter how good of an idea or service would survive without a strong financial plan. Our Financial team has successfully managed well over 350 million dollars in assets for business as well as Homeowners. This was accomplished and maintained within a short period of time. When approached with the opportunity to head this up for us they jumped at the chance to be a part of an organization that is out to help the Business Owner and consumer / Homeowner with its core values helping people.