The founders of Weather Damage Services collectively have been in the Marketing and Sales Industry for over 40 years.

WDS Marketing's main business model was to take all the years of marketing and sales experience, bring it under one roof and offer it to businesses at a wholesale rate. The Products and services WDS currently offers:

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Wholesale Printing
  3. Web Design
  4. SEO
  5. Guarantee Google Places Page One Placement
  6. Guarantee Google Sponsored links top 3 as a fixed price not per click
  7. Video Production
  8. Marketing Consulting
  9. Sales Training and Consulting
  10. Business Phone Service and Equipment
  11. Office Equipment
  12. Direct Mail
  13. List Purchasing for Direct Mail
  14. Merchant Services
  15. 800 Service

Our Marketing vision is to be a ONE STOP shop for our clients business needs, while saving them time and money. Companies today are good at what they do; however, they are challenged when it comes to marketing. More times than not, they are wasting money trying things to see if they work or not. Our vast Marketing experience allows companies to utilize their talents and shorten their learning curve which saves them time and money while increasing their revenue.

Over 2 years ago the founders were approached with an opportunity to help a roofing company expand their business in the area of storm damage. At the same time WDS was approached by a less fortunate individual looking for work. They saw this as God's plan for them to make an impact on the less fortunate locally. The initial project was only 50 appointments a week that equated to approx 2 people to fulfill on a weekly basis. They made the decision that the only people they would hire for this project were people in transitional living, Homeless Shelters, Rehab centers, Veterans and probation with the exceptions being violent history and sexual predators. Since the projects inception, WDS has created relationships with financial institutions developing a program to allow them to open bank accounts. The philosophy is that the first step in changing your situation is money management. The ownership alone of having their own bank account would give them a boost of confidence that their efforts are working. The second phase of this program would be to align with real estate investors and companies so as to allow them a place to rent to get them off the street. Currently there are two communities where they will rent to our marketers based solely on the referral of WDS. The third phase would be constant daily programming and training to allow them the personal programming to change their way of thinking. Currently Christian Ministers come to WDS once a week from 4pm-5pm to allow all of the marketers that are in recovery to take an hour break so they can attend their 12-step meetings. We acknowledge that most people in recovery become workaholics because they are trying to keep their minds busy so they don't have to think about what they are trying to stay away from. They were doing this at the cost of not attending meetings. WDS didn't want to be a part of the problem so by bringing the meetings to them allows us to be a part of the solution. Currently, WDS is positioned to help over 100 people in the local area not only with employment but establishment into their new lives.

As this program matured other needs were visualized, but not with the marketers. It was within the insurance claim roofing business. As more and more roofers went out of business, more and more homeowners went without roofs with their insurance money gone. This is when Weather Damage Services officially was born. The program is designed to hold insurance companies, as well as contractors, accountable. With the amount of homeowners WDS creates relationships with, we knew we could create a name that the homeowners could trust. The after effects are proving to be successful as we are entering maturity. With homeowners that we dealt with before when they were affected by storms they are now calling us back after they found themselves effected once again. Currently Weather Damage Services is responsible for over 5,000 roofs being installed across the country. WDS has helped in the areas of sales training, streamlining the process as well as appointment setting. WDS has currently shut off less than a dozen roofing companies from appointments because of the lack of workmanship they displayed to the homeowners.

We believe that the amount of roofing companies shut off will remain low. The philosophy is simple, if we are supplying them with the appointments to get the roof to book up their business and allow them to grow, they will not want to shut that pipeline off. WDS does regular customer protection calls to homeowners as to the satisfaction of their experience with the contractor. This will produce two results. One being the loyalty of the homeowner to WDS will strengthen and two, the contractor will be held accountable. This accountability isn't over the top; it is simply doing the work with 3 major components, integrity, character and reliability.